About the Creator of this Site

Shaun Amarnani is an advocate for the city he has called home for the last 4 years, St. Petersburg, Florida.  For work, Amarnani is an attorney where he focuses on real estate and technology law.  Amarnani is also a startup enthusiast who is a curator on Techstar's Startup Digest platform.

Amarnani created St. Pete is for Tech because he has a genuine interest in drawing attention to the growing tech/startup scene in St. Petersburg. Having the experience of formerly opening up a business himself, Shaun understands some of the struggles that it takes for any startup.  This is why he has great appreciation for what the doers do in St. Petersburg's startup community.

Saint Pete is for Tech looks forward to shinning a light on tech happenings in St. Peterburg. Please email Shaun if you have a potential story or if you need anything else.