Spotlight on St. Pete Tech: Contribusource

Native Advertising is online publication material which resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote the advertiser’s product.

Contribusource is a native ad network company co-founded by Brent Lingle and Nicholas Agrawal, who both worked in the digital ad space for several years before teaming up. Each was tired of having poor technology and losing money to big ad companies in the affiliate marketing space, so they built an ad network of their own to shake up how and where ads are shown online. From a fresh perspective on ad tags and algorithms to a user-friendly interface and top of the line customer service, Contribusource is the new kid on the block that marketers should want to meet.

Contribusource was founded in Chicago, with team members in D.C., New York, San Diego, Chicago, and now… St. Pete. Chicago was a great starting point, but Brent and Nick decided to recently move the headquarters to St. Petersburg – and begin to consolidate everyone here – for a few reasons. Namely, the burgeoning tech and start up scene in St. Pete. The co-founders believe in the long-term potential for St. Pete to become a regional tech hub, like Austin or Charlotte, and they are excited to help make that shared vision a reality. They wanted access to hard-working, knowledgeable talent to pool from as they plan to grow and build the company. They wanted to be around like-minded, young companies to share ideas and improve. The founders both agree that St. Pete’s accessible, cultured vibe, with art and music and a thriving downtown reached them at a personal level.

Contribusource really believes “it’s not just native; it’s a whole new way to share ideas.”  The company aims to give consumers relevant, interesting content while making their advertisers happy and giving publishers the exposure they want. It’s a win, win, win. The co-founders hope the move to St. Pete will allow the company to really stretch its wings and shine.

It has been only one month after the move to St. Pete, and Contribusource is already looking to hire business development folks, front end developers, designers, bookkeepers/accountants, account managers, and interns. Contribusource’s hiring page for tech professionals can be found here.