Spotlight on St. Pete Tech: Venue Viking

Headquartered in St. Pete, Venue Viking is a startup with a digital event planning platform that is changing the game of event planning for venues, vendors, and planners alike.

Founder and CEO of Venue Viking, Michael McAleenan

Founder and CEO Michael McAleenan states, “I like to think of Venue Viking as a constantly evolving, multi-tool for the event industry. We thrive on providing value and individualized assistance for our venues, vendors, and our explorers; and want nothing more than to see them succeed.”

From a technological standpoint, Venue Viking offers online listings and a lead generation tool that assists venues and vendors in getting more localized exposure; in turn, increasing the amount of bookings.

What is very interesting about Venue Viking compared to other event listing sites is that its platform offers 3D digital mapping, allowing users to virtually tour the event venue without leaving their homes.

The platform additionally offers unlimited high-res photos, detailed information about the venue/vendor edited by our content director, unlimited reviews that can be shared via social media, links connecting explorers to venues’/vendors’ respective social media sites, and personalized forms that allow clients to directly contact the venue or vendor

Besides its digital platform, Venue Viking offers operational and administrative assistance to venues and vendors. Some of the company’s services including social media management, content writing for service packages blogs and/or newsletters, menu design and printing services, brand development, event space design, website development, operations consulting, and event planning services.

Combined, the team at Venue Viking has over 25 years of experience in the event planning and hospitality industries which helps them to look at the technology through the eyes of the event planner.

We look forward to covering Venue Viking as it grows in the future!