Spotlight on St. Petersburg Tech: Intrinio

Intrinio is a downtown St. Petersburg fintech company that was co-founded by Rachel Carpenter and Joey French.  The company provides affordable, accessible, and accurate financial data through a fintech marketplace.

Intrinio‘s mission is to help investors save money and make time so they can live more meaningful lives. Investors need innovative applications that make data entry and analysis easier so they can spend more time conducting research, generating insights, and questioning assumptions. The challenge developers face in creating these applications is getting data.  Traditionally, data providers have made financial data for app development expensive and hard to use.

Intrinio’s platform has changed the status quo.  It makes financial data affordable and easy to access by providing developers with self signup APIs that feature minimal restrictions and disruptively low prices. Developers use Intrinio‘s APIs to build dozens of applications – apps that pull data into Excel, apps that use machine learning to predict stock prices, and apps that combine financial data with the block chain.

Investors and developers can hop on the marketplace and subscribe to dozens of data feeds: real time stock prices, financial statements, metrics, ratios, economic data, insider transactions, analyst ratings, earnings estimates, options pricing and much more. Pricing is month-to-month with no long term contracts.

Underlying the fintech marketplace is a unique and innovative technology developed in-house by Intrinio. This technology combines rules-based algorithms and machine learning to systematically and algorithmically source, normalize and efficiently distribute data. Through the power of automation this technology enables drastically affordable data. (Large data vendors charge several thousands of dollars per month, per person and Intrinio data feeds start as low as $5/month).

Team Intrinio is constantly on the hunt for new data feeds and apps to add to the marketplace, so stay tuned for new products in the coming months. Intrinio is also currently hiring for marketing, sales and customer support positions.