Interesting Insight with Tim Cartwright of Tamiami Angel Funds

Shaun Amarnani (left) and Tim Cartwright (right)

It was great catching up with Tim Cartwright who was visiting St. Petersburg yesterday for a leadership conference.  Cartwright is the Chairman of two of the largest angel funds in Florida, Naples-based Tamiami Angel Funds I and II.  If you haven’t been to the Tamiami Angel Funds website, it has a lot of great advice for entrepreneurs and investors.

I learned some interesting things from Cartwright and the startups that his angel funds invest in.  Polished business plans and presentations are one part of the equation. An additional big item Cartwright shared is that his experience has lead him to look at entrepreneur traits to manage the associated management risks with a rapidly growing early-stage startup.  This includes items such as how the entrepreneur manages her/his personal finances and how she/he is involved in the startup community.  Cartwright also looks for a track record of performance and is not afraid of entrepreneurs who have failed.  In fact, in many cases he likes entrepreneurs who have failed and have had time to reflect and learn from their experiences.

Cartwright really enjoyed his visit to St. Petersburg and he is looking forward to visiting again to meet our startup community. He also volunteered to help coach investor groups looking to increase their knowledge of investing in tech.  I look forward to getting Tim back to St. Petersburg in the future!